Seattle Sports 060295 SeaWhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle, 230/240cm, Black

Price: $119.95

Strength, beauty, design and price – our new Sea Whisper Paddles have it all. Start with a tough, light-weight 2-piece carbon shaft, featuring a quick-adjust cam ferrule and integrated leash loop. Add our exclusive , built with super-strong, impact resistant glass-reinforced nylon for improved function. These paddles are detailed with a distinctive reflective emblem for maximum day and night visibility. All together, a great paddle for a great price. Paddlers will sing for the Sea Whisper. Length 230/240 cm Weight 2 lbs. 9oz.Exclusive Dorsel Blade Design
Strong and light carbon fiber shaft
Quick -adjust ferrule
Integrated louvers helps hold position and snag floating items

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